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Emma Watson Threesomes And Gangbangs

Friday, April 30th, 2010

If you thought that Emma Watson was a slut before, then you’ve yet to see the depth of her perversions!  But we’d be glad to give you a tour of her latest hardcore happenings because we love seeing her get naked and fucking around town.

And fucking is what she does here, and she’s doing lots of it!  The first nasty pic we have here shows our little Ms. Hermione Granger engaging in a hardcore threesome.  Now that’s such a cock-hardening pic and I’m sure you’ll be poring over every detail of this dirty photo.  She’s getting herself double-penetrated in this one, which means both her ass and her pussy are being fucked at the same time!  Now that’s just nasty, but not as nasty as her next photo!

Because in this picture, Emma Watson isn’t tackling just two or three dicks, she’s servicing four enormous erections at once!  This is a full fledged gangbang, and it gets me hard just thinking Emma would even consider joining a full-blown orgy like this one.  Let’s see, that’s a dick in both her slit and her butthole, then another dick in her mouth and one more in her hand.  All she needs in another boner in her other hand and she’s fully stuffed!  Now you see just how erotic Emma can be, and if you want to see even more of these dirty pics, then just click here to see more!